Nitzavim “You are standing”

Suggested Acheron K’tuvim:

We Are Each Bound To One Another

Central question of this message: Have you resolved all offenses with one another?
Today’s portion is Nitzavim, which means “you are standing”. Its name comes from the first two words of the portion.

Deut 29:10
10 “You stand today, all of you, before the Lord your God: your chiefs, your tribes, your elders and your officers, even all the men of Israel,

As Moses is finishing his long sermon known to us as Devarim, and to the church as Deuteronomy, before him stands a multitude of people.
And they are the descendants of the “mixed multitude” which came out of Egypt just following the Passover. Their parents saw the Egyptian
army give chase, were pinned against the sea, and crossed over on dry land. The memory of those days were still fresh in the hearts of Israel.
And I call the people gathered together before Moses “Israel” because that is the name that G-d called them – as He gave them the Torah at Mt.

The parents of those gathered might have been from many nations as they ducked into the homes marked with the blood of the lamb on the
lintel and doorposts. They might have been from many ethnicities as they sat at the first Passover table.
But as they emerged from those doorways along with the greater Hebrew people the next morning, they were assimilated into the single
people of G-d, and nothing would change that fact.

The fellow who entered Egypt as an Ethiopian, with black skin, sat beside the son of a Levi who had olive skin. And they both sat with the
privileged Egyptian who had skin of alabaster white. You see, it’s never been a matter of skin color with our people. It’s
always been a matter of the heart. So, when I hear people say that someone “looks Jewish”, I often shake my head in amazement at their
lack of understanding of what it actually means to be part of G-d’s people.

There actually IS a “Jewish” look. When you love G-d so much, and walk with Him so closely, so that you take-on a certain “family
resemblance” to Yeshua – that is when you have it. When people know you as a “man of G-d” or a “woman of G-d”,
because of your holiness – that’s when you have it. And it is critical for all of us who are in this large family of faith to
remember an important fact. We are bound together with one another. We are bound not only in faith, and sometimes common practices, but
more importantly, we are bound together in love for one another.

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